Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After years of working with a organ drumbox, I've found out some great potential playing with those machines. Yes, I know, they do have an awesome analog feel, especially those with a spring reverb but there is also another secret about those machines: some bands in the '70s from Berlin (godfathers of ambiant music), a dude from Paris (godfather of new-age) and a band from New-York (godfather of synthpunk and new wave) did use it pretty well.

While those machines had only pre-programmed beats (rumba 1, rumba 2, latin 1, latin 2, rock 1, rock 2, etc, etc...), there were a quick hack: if you press both "beat select" buttons at the same time (example: latin 1 + rock 2) : it actually mix both sequences together. This feature gave the organ drumbox a awesome live/jam possibilities. A possibility that any modern (if you call a 808 modern) forgot to support. I recall that the Boss DR-55 had the hi-hat feature for sequencing them all open on 8 step or 16 step with a single switch. Very fun to play with.

This max for live patch is a re-creation of this feature: a way to mix multiple patterns together, whatever musical signature.

Features :
  • 16 step programmable sequencer

  • each of those sequences are bound to a different time signature and length

  • all of those sequences are played independently and can be played at the same time

  • the triggers to start/stop a sequence are mapped beyond the midi note c-7. Other midi notes are pass trought the midi effect, this way you can still send midi notes on your own.
Download it here: organseq.zip

I know there is still work to do, especially for more presets, but consider this as a first draft.

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